While Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa did not deliver a Bangalore package aimed at upcoming BBMP elections, the 2010-11 state Budget has promised a substantial boost to the IT capital’s infrastructure development.

A sum of Rs 18,872 crore figures as a three-year plan for improving Bangalore’s transport systems, but the specifics are missing and there are different versions about where the fund is coming from.

Other things that the Budget promises are mult-level parking complexes, development of over 25 tanks and civic amenities in newly added areas.

About 137 km of metro rail system including the High Speed Rail Link (HSRL) between MG Road and BIA, 66 km of monorail system as feeder network to metro rail, 291 km of Bus Rapid Transit and 200 km of Commuter Rail System are part of it, said V Madhu, principal secretary of the infrastructure department.

the sum is the first phase allocation for the Rs 48,000-crore 15-year plan under the CTTP (Comprehensive Transport and Traffic Plan) for the city, he said.

A sum of Rs 1,000 crore has been allocated the for multi-level parking complex to be built by the Bangalore Development Authority. However, Transport Minister and Bangalore City in- charge minister R Ashok said the transport system development project is part of the Rs 22,000 crore plan that was made public a few months back.

Senior officials in the infrastructure development department, however, think the allocation is new.

The only specific, the budget document mentions is the commuter rail system under the head ‘local trains’ for the city. The government has conveyed to the Centre that it is ready to meet 50 per cent of the cost of these trains. The Rs 600 crore as the state’s regular share to the Metro rail project is mentioned separately, elsewhere.

There are those who feel that the proposed parking complexes are not an adequate solution for the city’s endemic traffic problem. Brigade Road shop owners, who were the first to introduce automated parking system in Bangalore, point to the loopholes.

There are approximately 13 lakh vehicles on Bangalore’s roads. These complexes will only serve the long hours parking segment.

“Where is the plan for the short-term street parking segment?” asked businessman Suhail Yosuf. The two systems should run parallel, he said.

The budget mentions the improvement of about 25 tanks at a cost of Rs 200 crore by the BDA, but little is said of the BBMP’s Namma Nirsarga action plan for rejuvenation of lakes.

With a long list pending for approval under the NURM, the BBMP had last year sourced part of the lake development funds from the previous Mega City plans.

The urban infrastructure and civic plans also make no mention of issues like waste management.
Source:Express Buzz