Karnataka Property CardYou may have credit, debit, petro and membership cards, but a Property Card could be the one to have. For it promises to revolutionize
the realty sector in Karnataka.

When the Karnataka Land Grabbers (Prohibition) Act comes into force soon, it’ll bring in transparency by cleaning up land records. These had always been messed with, resulting in dubious property transactions and disputes. These cards, to be issued to property owners, will serve as authentic documents.

Sources in the revenue department said that, with new rules in place, registration of sale deeds would be replaced with registration of titles. This will be done by introducing the progressive system of property titles and maintenance modelled on the Torrens System. The newly formed task force for eviction of encroachers on government land is also part of it.

During talks with stakeholders on irregularities in khata transfer and building construction, it was felt there’s no reliable system of land and property title records in Bangalore Urban. Records of rights are written casually, leading to endless disputes. The present system of registration of documents can be misused quite often.

Going by the experience of the town planning department and BMRDA, which conducted a GIS survey of properties, it’s possible to survey all urban properties with an accuracy of 5 mm covering 2,000 sqkm of Bangalore Urban. This may cost nearly Rs 50 crore. There are about 20 companies in India qualified to do such surveys using Total Stations. Even if 10 participate using 500 such stations, a detailed survey can be completed in 6 months.

The Karnataka Land Revenue Rules provide for a detailed inquiry of urban properties — both land and buildings — which can be done by the survey department following a procedure of issuing notices, hearing objections, ascertaining documents and finally writing property cards. In Bangalore, this was last undertaken in 1975. The property card proposal is currently awaiting presidential assent.

It’s estimated that about 150 qualified surveyors would be required to complete the city survey inquiry in six months. There are about 15 lakh properties under BBMP and still more in the 2,000 sq km of Bangalore Urban district. Even if a citizen pays Rs 500 to get the highly dependable property card, the cost of the project can be met.
Source:Times of India