On an evening where crores were bandied around with abandon despite the current recession, real estate builder Brigade Group emerged as the highest bidder and bagged the ownership rights of the most coveted team in the Karnataka Premier League (KPL) — the Bangalore Urban team. The Brigade Group won the bid at Rs. 7.2 crore payable over a period of five years. On the other hand Melmont Constructions a Group Company of Puravankara bagged Bangalore Rural Team for Rs.5.55 Crores.

Considering the recession and many unsold projects of both of these builders the decision of buying and endorsing these Teams may prove very economical for these builders as they are already spending huge amount on Print Ads and Radio Ads on a monthly basis, this investment for 5 years will help in a Good Brand Building and publicity of their projects, but they need to take the Game Seriously and ensure their Teams wins and not mere concentrate on Popping Up Property Ads on every Boundary! Cricket and Business should not be mixed.

Other winners: Bangalore Rural: Melmont Constructions, Rs. 5.55 crore; Mysore: Girish Auto, 3.25 crore; Belgaum: Subash Enterprises, 3.81 crore; Shimoga: Jayaprakash Hegde, 3.25 crore; Mangalore: Fiza Developers, 4.23 crore; Hubli-Dharwad: Shiv Shankarappa, 3.77 crore; Gulbarga: Vivid Creations and Nandish Reddy Group, 3.5 crore.