For old-time Bangaloreans who insist that the city is getting hotter, the Meteorological Centre has the evidence: a “trend chart” shows that Bangalore’s average temperature has risen by one degree over the last 45 years (1963 to 2008). One degree may not sound like much, but is “very significant” in terms of global warming, explains A. Muthuchami, Director of the centre.

The annual average maximum temperature, which in 1963 was 28.9 degrees Celsius, rose to 29.9 degrees Celsius by 2008.

“This translates into a 0.25 degree rise in temperature every decade,” he added. “If this trend continues, we can expect an increase of 2.5 degrees by 2050, which will probably imply the need for remedial intervention by the Government in terms of power and water supply,” said Mr. Muthuchami. These worrying statistics are just a confirmation of the fact that Bangalore is fast becoming a “heat island”, with weather conditions rather different from its immediate surroundings, said T.V. Ramachandra, Associate Professor, Centre for Ecological Sciences at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc.) The readings at Devanahalli (which retains much of its original landscape) have been consistently three to four degrees lower than the city centre.

Source:The Hindu, 12 March, 2009