BMW for Farmers in DevanahalliThe Devanahalli IT park is raining returns even before it's open. Farmers here are cashing in on their land and at least
one will finally buy his long dreamt-of BMW car.

The monetary compensation of Rs 62 lakh per acre, finally agreed upon at the recent meeting of the price fixation consultative committee on Wednesday, has brought relief to many. Though it's lakhs less than their original bid of Rs 1.5 crore, the option is to choose either the rate offered or 9,583 sq ft of developed land for every acre acquired for the park. For many, the choice is clear.

Venkatesh, who is giving away 2 acres of land in Singahalli, plans to buy a BMW. "I come from a well-to-do family and don't have many commitments. I have no plans to invest and want to fulfil my long-cherished dream of owning a BMW," he told TOI.

However, not everyone is completely opting for the money. "What use is money when you don't see a sustained benefit through it?'' says D S Gowda, president of the Raitara Horata Samiti, who has seen many farmers fall prey to money as compensation and lose much of it, not knowing where to invest. Having fought hard to get the option of the alternative 9,583 sq ft of developed land per acre, he intends to go for a combo of both benefits -- money for 2 acres and land in return for the other two acres that he will give away for the project.

Much of the planning and relief comes after more than two years of struggle. And with other demands like employment opportunities for at least one family member and the training centre promised to be considered, the 700 families are hopeful of a better future -- not just for themselves, but for their villages too that lack basic infrastructure facilities.

New Deal For Farmers

  1. Better means of livelihood.
  2. Way to foster partnership with IT in development.
  3. Better infrastructure development in the areas.
  4. More employment and training facilities.
  5. Less migration of farmers to other states in search of opportunities

Compensation Options

  1. 9,583 Sq ft developed land in lieu of every acre of land acquired.
  2. Rs 62 lakh per acre acquired

Source:Times of India-28th Dec, 2008