Registering Revenue Sites in BangaloreEven the previous Coalition Government about 1 year back had announced the same thing, which brought cheers to thousands of middle class families, but after all the drama the government failed, and brought a blanket on this issue, now with the New Government announcing this it is a very good news for all, with BDA sites costing a Bomb , many middle class families can only afford to buy Revenue sites which comes at half price, but after the Ban, it became like a like a Dream, although many deals were happening during ban period by making GPA's. This announcement by State Government to lift the Ban will make all the transaction legal and will help the state Government by bringing in Crores of Stamp Duty.

Times of India reported today:-

The Karnataka government is contemplating lifting the ban on registration of revenue sites in Bangalore. Chief minister B S
Yeddyurappa on Sunday announced that the plan was on the anvil.

"A cabinet sub-committee headed by revenue minister G Karunakar Reddy has been constituted for this purpose. Problems faced in this regard will be sorted out once the committee submits its report," the CM told reporters.

The ban came into force in the erstwhile BMP limits on April 23, 2005. The government had assessed that nearly 17-25% of the layouts formed on revenue lands in Bangalore had violated the guidelines of the urban development department. Layouts had been formed without providing sufficient civic amenity space.

In pursuant of the provisions in the Registration Act, the April 2005 government order said that registration of all transactions in the revenue layouts that have not received approval for alienation have been stopped. Besides regulating the growth of the city, the order aimed at protecting the interests of the public in securing the title deed for their property and assuring basic amenities, as earmarked by the town planning authorities. However, this order was questioned in the Karnataka High Court and also in the Supreme Court. Due to the ban, the stamps and registration department reported a loss in annual revenue amounting to more than Rs 500 crore.

On regularizing the buildings and vacant sites (Akrama-Sakrama), Yeddyurappa said another cabinet sub-committee headed by transport minister R Ashok has been formed to suggest fixing of the fee for regularization.

Though the Kumaraswamy government had fixed a penalty and set a deadline of Dec 14 last year, governor Rameshwar Thakur had extended the deadline. The Karnataka High Court extended the deadline, now followed by constitution of a cabinet sub-committee by the BJP government.