Upon Request I am Sharing this mail that was sent to me by Mr.Saranga Bezbaruah, who got a taste of of Namma Bangaluru Police! The Intention is not to Discriminate Police Department but to encourage people to rise voice where ever and when ever they can against corruption and malpractices in the System instead of being a Dumb Spectator as Mr.Saranga Bezbaruah has done, and hearty congrats to him from all Proud Bangaloreans.
"I am writing to you about this incident expecting that I can raise people's awareness. Bellows is the letter I gave to honorable DGP Traffic Police East.
Respected Sir,
Date of incident: 28/01/2008
Time of incident: 1:00 PM
Place: Near Cauvery Cinema, Hebbal Road
Subject: Complain against
       (1) Bribery
       (2) Extortion
       (3) Misuse of power
       (4) Threatening and misbehaving
Document: Fine receipt
Description of incident :
   Next to Cauvery cinema, a road goes to sankey tank, which is closed due to undergoing construction work. Via backside of Cauvery cinema a lane goes to Malleshwaram, but this is one-way, and I could not see the one-way board and just entered the road up to 10 to 20 meters, on my two-wheeler at a speed of 5 to 10 km/hour, and stopping for inquiring people for a root to Mallshwaram.
   3 traffic police officers were standing, one of whom asked me for fine of Rs300. I paid the fine and waited for the receipt. After my asking for the receipt, he gave me receipt of Rs100 saying that fine will be of Rs100 only. He wrote in the fine slip:
“Nature of offense: Found violating against one-way”
  Then I signed and waited for him to return Rs200, but he returned only Rs100. He gave me receipt of Rs100, but kept Rs200. When I asked to return another Rs100 (since the fine was of Rs100 only) he forcefully snatched the receipt from me and wrote Rs300 over Rs100 (overwrote) after my signing on the receipt and also added to “Nature of offense” and made it
“Nature of offense: Found violating against one-way and dangerous driving”
   When I requested saying “I was not doing dangerous driving, but was at 5 to 10 km/hour speed”, he shouted at me, misbehaved and threatened me to give another Rs100 and took total of Rs300 from me.

   Thereafter, I went to:
1)The nearest police station. They did not take complain, noted down my phone number and asked me to leave.
2)Traffic police station at Malleshwaram. They said, “nothing can be done”
3)Honorable Police commissioner’s office. I was not allowed to meet him.
4)Honorable Traffic Police commissioner’s office. I was not allowed to meet him.
5)And few other offices as well till 8:30 pm. But no one helped than sending me to some other office.

Your’s sincerely a citizen of India
Saranga Bezbaruah
maverick_sarang [at] yahoo.com

Finally in afternoon on 29/01/08 I could meet honorable Traffic Police commissioner and honorable DGP Traffic Police east. When I gave this letter, with a photocopy of the fine receipt, to honorable DGP Traffic Police east, he not only accepted my complain, but also started inquiry immediately and assured me that an inquiry will be done. After meeting him I came to believe that there are good people like him in police department who can help us only if we have some courage to approach them. I request people to cooperate with them to fight against crimes just by believing in them and approaching them"