Following queries by people on the process of obtaining khata or transferring it, Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has issued a set of guidelines to be followed by citizens while applying for khata certificates.

BBMP Commissioner S. Subramanya has directed all zonal revenue officials to ensure that people were not put to hardship during the process of obtaining a khata. According to a circular issued on November 7, applicants for khata should clearly indicate the names of the owners and in case of the property being sold the name of the purchaser and address of the property and the assessment number. These details should be submitted in the prescribed format available in BBMP offices, the circular said.

The applications should be accompanied with the sale deed, the rights of transfer certificate, will documents, if any, and other details pertaining to the transfer of the property.

It is mandatory that the application should have encumbrance certificate properly attested.

The circular stated that all the documents, including the tax paid receipts and any legal objections to the transfer of property, should be brought to the notice of officials along with the application. If the application is in order, the transfer will be done immediately.

Khatas for sites allotted by various government agencies, including Bangalore Development Authority (BDA), Karnataka Housing Board (KHB), Karnataka Industrial Area development Board (KIADB), Karnataka State Small Industries Development Corporation and Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation will be issued without any delay.

Applications of property transfer will be held back till such a time of further orders if the land was not converted or did not have the approval of gram panchayats.

The Commissioner has asked officials to process applications without any delay for properties of owners who have already paid betterment charges.
Source:The Hindu 22-11-07