The two townships coming up in Bidadi (Karnataka) are being treated differentially. Reason: One is public sector, the other is private. The BMRDA is building a 9,684-acre township covering six villages and one grazing land at Bidadi. No studies including the mandatory environment impact assessment study (EIA) has been done for it. But land acquisition process has begun. On the contrary, the neighbouring township by Bengalooru Mysore Infrastructure Corridor (BMIC) project has waited over 10 years. It has got all studies EIA, techno feasibility, demand survey done, even had a Supreme court order in its favour. But the land acquisition has not yet taken off ! But, in the case of BMIC, all these studies were sought even before the land acquisition process began! What makes the situation worse is: The region where it is supposed to come up is full of lush irrigated land and extensive coconut and mango groves. There is said to be an ISRO report on the region which stated that the ! irrigated and valley regions should be avoided for townships, based on which the BMIC shifted its location to the rocky neighbouring region.
The Times of India New Delhi Edition March 26 2007
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