NEW DELHI, APR 4 :  European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) plans to open a technology centre at the new Bangalore airport by the end of 2008. According to company officials, the centre will employ around 2,000 professionals. The technology centre will bring both EADS subsidiaries and Indian partners under the same roof, performing engineering and information technology services.

In an exclusive interview to FE, Yves Guillaume, CEO, EADS India Pvt Ltd said: ‘‘The company will support India in developing aerospace infrastructure and industrial capabilities in aviation, space and defence technology. India is a priority country for EADS, as it offers market potential and solid aerospace and defence competencies.’’

EADS India Private Limited, a 100% owned subsidiary of EADS, was registered earlier this year.

Noting that the country’s aeronautic and defence manufacturers are increasingly outsourcing production of parts to the private sector, thus broadening the range of potential subcontractors.

EADS, which has launched an India sourcing office with branches in New Delhi and Bangalore, aims to support EADS business units in sourcing for market access and cost reasons.

According to Guillaume, EADS India intends to offer additional partnerships either on a programme basis or at a strategic level to key players, public and private, in the Indian defence and aerospace sector.

The company is also co-developing electronic warfare systems with Indian industry. ‘‘We are currently holding discussion with several software companies, including TCS and HCL, for developing software for joint venture projects between India and EADs,’’ the company CEO said.

EADS subsidiary MBDA and Indian BDL are jointly promoting a complete range of systems from air defence, anti-tank and air-to-air, to Indian armed forces.

Last year, a contract covering the joint development of a missile warning system for the Indian Air Force was signed between EADS Defence Electronics and the Indian Defence Avionics Research Establishment.

The partners will jointly develop a missile warning system based on EADS’ proven warning sensor MILDS AN/AAR-60 and integrate it into the existing multi-sensor warning system of the Indian armed forces.

Source: Visit for Bangalore Offices.