BANGALORE: After a decade of juggling with the idea and Bills presented for legislation rejected twice by the governor, the third time proved lucky for the government as well as lakhs of owners of properties with deviations.

Now, those deviations can be regularised by paying penalties. The state government on February 5 approved and published rules for the regularisation of deviations in properties.

The draft rules contains penalties for categories of violations: land-use violations; setback violations (residential and commercial); setback violations within the provisions of zoning regulations; FAR violations (residential and commercial); FAR violations within the provisions of zoning regulations; buildings constructed on agriculture lands and building without approved plan.

Also penalties vary between cities and towns with population ranging from 50 lakh to 20,000 and the usage - residential, commercial and industrial.

According to a copy of the rules obtained by The Times of India, setback violations can be regularised to a tune of 50 per cent in residential buildings and 25 per cent in commercial properties.

The compounding fees amount ranges from Rs 20/sq metre to Rs 80,000 /sq metre, depending on cities and area of the property.

However, the cut-off date is 2004-end and if the owners fail to apply within the specified deadline (the dates will be announced by the government shortly), then the infrastructure like water supply, sewerage and power will either be disconnected or not provided.

Among the violations, setback deviations are in large numbers. For the city or town with a population of 50 lakh and above, the penalties vary from Rs 3000/sq metre to Rs 30,000 for violations up to 25 per and 50 per cent.

For commercial properties, the penalties range from Rs 3,750/sq metre to Rs 40,000/sq metre.
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