Bangalore, Feb 13: 12 hour bundh the previous day, has led to an immense loss to the state. It is estimated that over 500 crore of rupees is a  loss  to the industry.

Industrial units and business establishments were shut down depicting their support for the cause. R.C Purohith, the president of Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FKCCI) said, "every shutdown would cause Rs 500 crore loses to industries".

He also said that ever since the Cauvery Tribunal final verdict came, the movement of trucks from Tamil Nadu to Karnataka has completely  paralysed. Eventhough there are trucks moving to Tamil Nadu from the state, around 1000 goods laden with Tamil Nadu registration were abandoned in the border last week.

This has resulted in the loss, as movement of goods especially vegetables, fruits, machineries hit drastically between the two states and resulted in total loses of Rs 1000 crore.

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