With the explosion in retail and realty boom in India, 'going green' is going to become a buzz word with the corporates and end-users alike. The $6 bn Trane India, that provides heating, ventilating and air conditioning products (HVAC), is eyeing at least 30 pct growth in the next few years, informed Mr Sanjeev Seth, Mkg Mgr, North & East India of Trane. Each Trane system is designed to meet specific needs of customers who want heating, cooling dehumidifying and air cleaning systems for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial applications. "In India, green building requirement is expected to increase to $4,000 mn by 2010, and the shift these days is also towards energy efficiency to control global warming," added Mr Seth. According to industry demands, acceptable indoor air quality (IAQ) is much more than providing 15 cfm of outdoor air per person. It is the result of proper HVAC system selection and design, specification of equipment and furnishings, along wit! h proper building operation and maintenance.
Business Standard New Delhi Edition January 23 2007

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