Ring RoadA Rs.370 Crore Core Ring Road (CRR) project aimed at decongesting traffic in Bangalore will take off in 2008, chief minister HD Kumaraswamy said tenders will be called in April next year.

The CRR connects vantage areas with out actually cutting trough the heart of the city.For instance, a motorist moving from Yeshwanthpur to Jaynagar need not pass through K R Circle or Hudson Circle once the CRR is in Place. It would be in place. It would be a six lane road that cuts through 50 junctions.

On the other measures planned to decongest the city, Kumaraswamy said a separate bus track will be created on the existing Outer Ring Road “we need to increase the speed of the busses and at the same time reduce fuel consumption” he explained. This apart, the government is planning to construct elevated roads along drains in the BMP limits. Busses will run on these roads. Further as many as 1000 busses will be added to the existing fleet in the coming months. Reports have shown that a large number of two wheeler riders and car owners are commuti9ng by Volvo busses, this trend has to be encouraged, the CM added.

Source: Times of India, 30-12-06