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Domlur is a small township located in the eastern part of Bangalore city in India. Earlier it was known as Bhagat Singh Nagar,[citation needed] but for some unknown reasons, it is better known as Domlur. There is a debate over the exact meaning of Domlur. From what can be deciphered from old people living in the area, Domlur is a word derived from Tombalur, [1] a kind of flower which is used to worship Lord Shiva. This is further supported by the inscriptions found in Chokkanathaswamy temple in Domlur, which is believed to be constructed by Cholas. [2]
Domlur is surrounded by offices of multinational software companies and BPOs like Dell, IBM, Microsoft and Target. Domlur is located close to the 'old airport' (The Airport has now shifted to Devanahalli in the North of Bangalore).
The major military establishments having divisions in Domlur are Indian Air Force, EME Workshop, and ASC.
The main advantage of Domlur is its proximity to M.G. Road on the other. Koramangala, too, can be accessed easily via the Inner Ring Road. Indiranagar lies very close to Domlur as well. Domlur has several notable restaurants including 'TGIF' (Thank God its Friday) and 'The Bombay post'.
[edit]Airport road flyover

A major landmark in Domlur is the Airport road flyover on Old Airport road and Inner ring road junction. This flyover was notorious for its delay in construction and the traffic trouble caused by its delay which was due to the mismanagement by the subcontractor UPSBC ( Uttar Pradesh State Bridge Corporation) [3]. The construction of the flyover which was started in early 2003 ended in 2007. The flyover, excluding the outer loops, was completed in July 2006 and opened to public on July 12, 2006 [4]. Subsequently, the other loops were opened to public in the next 8 months.