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The 'IT' & 'BT' boom has brought Bangalore in to international map, so there is a great need to fulfill the requirements of all ITBT and related firms and investors. Here at ''BangaloreCityhome®' we have committed our selves for providing office spaces and industrial sites for commercial activities and on the other hand serving the employees of these firms by providing best residential plots, flats and houses.

We always make sure that the property which we are marketing has clear titles, good quality construction & appreciation factor and right location for respective purposes.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to continue to be one of the best residential real estate consultants in Bangalore Metroplex.Our mission is to help the buyer / renter / investor, to guide him to the right property of his own choice, within his affordable budget - comparatively reasonably priced in the given market.

To be the best, we will serve our customers and clients by delivering on our commitments made before, during and after every transaction.

Farooq MohamedDirector's Profile:
Farooq M 
(Founder / Director : BangaloreCityhome®) 
With an experience spanning over 22 years in real estate business Farooq has been instrumental in under taking and efficiently executing in-numerous deals involving MNC's, corporates, and individual property buyers.Farooq is a graduate (B.Sc, B.H.M) from Bangalore university, with an added exposure in Real Estate of Bangalore. As a Bangalorean he knows each and every corner of Bangalore and keeps an eagle's eye on all activities in City's Development and property market. Besides his passion for Real Estate,  Farooq knows very well how best he can serve his clients as he has an international exposure serving as a F.O.M. in hotel industry and has successfully served Americans, Europeans, Middle Easterners and Asians.

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